Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Kazım Kazım: tonight's the night

A Brighton&Hove Albion reject he may be, as someone has pointed out on Dissensus, but how can you not like Colin Kazim Richards? He's done the unthinkable for a British (as in, born in Britain) footballer, by gamely moving to a 'foreign' country where he doesn't speak the language, rather than letting his career dwindle in the Football League - and he is something of a hero (and heartthrob) at Fenerbahce already. Sadly this video won't embed but it's well worth watching:

"They were singing some songs, I don't even know what they were singing, I don't know the words to it, I was just jumping up and down to the rhythm."

And as if that wasn't enough he's a local lad from Leytonstone and a Chelsea-hating Arsenal fan to boot.

Even with so many players out, it still looks like our Kazım is starting on the bench for Turkey tonight, but wouldn't it be wonderful to see a second half substitution when the inevitable comeback struggle begins. Make us proud bruv.


John said...

How close did he come? Had Lahm in dire straits several times as well. His best performance of the tournament I thought (although without saying much), and has gone past Becks and Lee Sharpe in the pantheon of English wide midfielders moving abroad, trailing only Waddle and McMananaman now.

dan hancox said...

man that really was very close eh. and he wasn't far off making it his game like you say - i think he needs some more big match experience to round off his game a bit (he's still only 22), and he can move up that awesome list of wide midfielders you refer to.

John said...

Incidentally, he's also behind Trevor Steven, who played a year for the top OM side of 91-92.

kvbt said...

you realise it was glorious kazim kazim's slip that let in lahm in for the third... weep, son of letyon, weep