Friday, 27 June 2008

Daft transfer rumours

'Crouch is eating his...' has an excellent editorial in which in lists the five stupidest transfer rumours of the summer so far. These being:

Ronaldinho to Boca Juniors
Del Piero to Inter
Samuel Eto'o to Marseille
Klaas Jan Huntelaar to Roma
Salvador Cabañas to Manchester United

Though these are undoubtedly stupid, I can't help wanting to add a few more. Crouch to Arsenal, Vieri to Hull and Arsenal for David Villa (sorry dad). Question is, who can name stupider?


John said...

There isn't a stupider one than Christian Vieri to Hull, unless by some chance Enrico Chiesa wishes to return to action for Kettering Town.

I found the 18 million being quoted for Gareth Barry the most ridiculous of the lot, frankly.

The Big Football said...

Eto'o to Uzbekistan tops them all