Monday, 23 June 2008

Turkey 1 Croatia 1 highlights - Türkiye! Türkiye!

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Absolutely astonishing. The fact that Turkey will now have to play a goalkeeper in attack, that Nihat has gone home, that Arda and Volkan are suspended, that there are only 13 available players, that even Tuncay won't be there to complain about, none of this matters. Turkey will now surely win the tournament after coming back from nine nil down in the Semih-final. Tuncay will return in goal for the final, with Rustu and Volkan upfront. The ghost of Attaturk will inhabit the legs of the injured Emre to help him score a double hat-trick on crutches. This little man will be happy.

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John said...

I like the way that in your probably highly accurate prediction of Turkish success, Kazim Kazim still fails to contribute anything meaningful to the side. Perhaps still a step too far?