Friday, 20 June 2008

Chris Waddle

Aah a new addition to the myriad joys of watching Euro games in partisan venues: non-English commentary peppered with the names of forgotten footballers (0.37 and 0.41).
Tonight the HumbleFootballers again sat down in the hospitable Fenerbahce Sports and Social Club on Kingsland Road, this time to watch the Croatia v Turkey match (Turkiye! Turkiye!).
Among the largely unfamiliar Turkish commentary came the words "Pierre Van Hooijdonk", to the incredulity of the English-speaking folk who weren't exactly paying close attention to the commentary ("Did he just say 'Pierre Van Hooijdonk'?" etc).

So why were the Turkish commentators speaking of the horse-faced Dutch master of swerve?
Was it his time spent at Fenerbahce?
Or was it this?


dan hancox said...

hetitetitet, retitetitet, hetitetitetitetitet

i thought the fast show would've dated horribly, but i really enjoyed that thank you.

dan hancox said...

ps - sminky pinky

John said...

Es Scorchio.