Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Noveau riche b£stard taunts workers

Alex Ferguson, fresh from promoting Alastair Campbell's book, has cemented his place in hell by taunting those less fortunate than himself. Said 'Sir' Alex: 'The poor are poor for a reason, they are lazy scum'. When questioned further about United's financial position and the debt-financing embarked upon by his fundamentalist Christian backers, Ferguson was far from contrite, 'you wee communist bastard, this is capitalism, it is my prerogative to steal, cheat and enslave trolls'.


Kanishk Tharoor said...

Sir Alec is the ice-pick to Paul Jewell's Trotsky.

roid rage said...
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roid rage said...


Tan said...

A socialist? As Abbie found out the other day when interviewing him - he is a member of the Labour party. But given his associations socialism seems unlikely.