Monday, 16 July 2007

Brazil win Copa, Humble Football eats words

Counter-intuitive sentence 1. Brazil thrashed an abysmal Argentina and won the Copa America.
Counter-intuitive sentence 2. Julio Baptista was the best player on the park, scoring an early goal and constantly driving Brazil forward.
Counter-intuitive sentence 3. Julio Baptista was the best player on the park, scoring... sorry, had to do that one again to check it was real.
Counter-intuitive sentence 4. Argentina once again bottled it when it really mattered, raising real questions about the future of the team and playing style.

Humble football has sent its kittens to New Zealand.


Kanishk Tharoor said...

Fourth sentence isn't counterintuitive.

All my progeny, gone, gone, gone to the antipodes.

Raphi said...

pity. you should have sent them to brasil, where they at least could have watched some decent football.


roid rage said...

Shame on you. Condemned to a life of egg-chasing and sailing in the 1950's.
Argentina are always overrated. They score a couple of goals against crappy opposition with moves that have more than 10 passes and everyone wets their pants. The players are decent but the management sucks. I mean, who puts a couple of lightweights like Veron and Riquelme at the heart of their team?

Tan said...

Well they certainly were out-muscled. But in the case of the beast, surely the muscles have always been the problem (News of Kolo Toure becoming buff worries me no end).