Monday, 13 August 2007

Mo Problems?

Youtube have got wise to the way of the pirate. So instead we must rely on fans to provide you with footage of the games. Where others would see an insurmountable impediment, Humble Football sees a glorious opportunity to improve the quality of commentary. Watch and listen as Van Persie scores the first as we beat Fulham.


jake_oleary said...

How could they fail with Fabregas in midfield?

They call him the metronome.

But only because he likes to sit on top of pianos making rythmic clicking noises.

roid rage said...

Oh, for a Fabregas at t'Lane. Instead we have Jermaine Jenas, a player so bad that last night, when he made one of his trademark ill-timed but ultimately powderpuff tackles, the home crowded started chanting "OFF! OFF! OFF!" in an attempt to get him red carded.

dan hancox said...

that's fantastic about jenas, i'm glad spurs fans know where it's at.