Thursday, 9 August 2007

THFGFSG: The Season (The Guardian)

Kevin McCarra - frighteningly accurate or just frightening?
Produce: Fleshy little hymn-book, signs songs of praise in anticipation of an exciting season ahead.

Key Prediction: Not one to make bold predictions, The Season asserts, 'Mourinho's team should be caught up in an engrossing battle with United and, perhaps, Liverpool'. Though the prediction that England will go out to Portugal 3-0 on penalties in Euro 08, has a ring of truth to it.

Best wizz-bang feature: Team owner facebook profiles, Roman Abramovich - status: 'Roman is keen to buy - sorry, win - the Champions League', even better Chelsea - Bankrolled by: 'The Russian workers who sold their shares in the country's vast privatised energy resources to Roman Abramovich for a handful of beads and a shot of vodka'. (It should be noted that we have essentially nicked their formatting for this guide to season guides, but we have sacrificed myling souls and have a small readership, so the chances of being sued are minimal).

Top 4: Chelsea, Troll Utd, Liverpool, Arsenal.

Down: Derby, Middlesborough and one other as yet unnamed team (Wigan?).

Arsenal finish: 4th. Though Theo is predicted to have a good season.

If this guide were a guide it would be: Sherpa Tenzing, so bloody good you can't help wondering why it didn't just climb the thing itself (eh?).


Kanishk Tharoor said...

Tenzing!... Norgay! Tenzing!... Norgay! Tenzing... Norgay!

(it's the new Marco Polo)

Tan said...

I see.

I don't know about you Kanishk - but I'm really looking forward to Reginald writing the guide to the Football 365 guide.

Kanishk Tharoor said...

me too, wonder what he'll say?