Friday, 10 August 2007

THFGSG: Four Four Two

The produce: Setanta sports is here! Subscribe now! 'I mean sorry we are a serious football magazine'.

Key Prediction: Setanta will usurp Sky to become the favoured choice of sports fans everywhere.

Best wizz-bang feature: Setanta Sports logo's on every. single. page.

Top four: Somewhat skewed by variety - a combination of very 'wise' heads (Setanta pundits) predict - Chelsea, Man Utd, Liverpool, and Spurs (Tim Sherwood thinks they'll finish third).

Down: Derby, Wigan, Brum.

Arsenal finish: 5th apparently we're a bit crap and our manager will leave. Emmanuel Petit has insider information (always loyal, our Manu).

If this guide were a guide it would be: An infomercial. Pretends to be providing you with useful product information about Chuck Norris' workout regime, but spoils it all by trying to sell you something.

1 comment:

jake_oleary said...

Setanta is a scam - to subscribe for one month only you have to pay a ten pound sign up fee on top of the 9.99 and cancel your subscription on the day you take it out (there is a 30 day cancelation period) unless it happens to be January, March, May, July, August, October or December in which case you can do it the next day (think about it).