Friday, 10 August 2007

The debate?

So we've given you an idea of what others think. They're obviously a little daft. Who knows best? We knows best. Or perhaps you do?

Big questions time. Who will win the league this year? Who's going down? Cups, Champions league? What else of note will occur?

Fight! Fight! Fight!


Tan said...

So Chelsea, Utd, Arsenal, Liverpool (just scrape past Spurs). We win the FA Cup. Barca-Chelsea final in the champions league.

Kanishk Tharoor said...

I'm annoyed with these guides, particularly 442 - an otherwise fine magazine that has whored itself to Setanta and the network's legion of Spurs pundits.

Arsenal, clearly, to win the league, followed by ManU, Chelsea and Liverpool.

Spurs to finish comfortably in mid-table, after Ledley King spends half the season on the doctor's table and the midfield proves both callow and blunt.

Derby, Wigan, and Fulham to go down.

Tan said...

what about this Tarapt bloke at spurs? Where's Roid Rage when you need him?

Reginald Ultras said...

France will win Euro 08. Sagna, Saha, Kaboul, and Nasri the one's to watch - what do you mean Nasri plays for Marseille - the French league is the best in the world. Mrrraaaoooww.

Chris said...

sunderland finish high mid table
everton just above them
sol campbell becomes england regular again
steve mclaren banished to st helena
arsenal win something
chelsea win something
man u win something
liverpool win europe
something interesting and unexpected happens (maybe)
darren bent becomes first man on mars

Reginald Ultras said...

Interesting. If Bent is on Mars, does that constitute an invasion of French soil? I like the notion of Strangled Steve being banished to St Helena, though surely just becoming manager of Middlesborough again after they are relegated is punishment enough?

roid rage said...

Afternoon chaps, thought I heard my name being mentioned. Right then:
1) ManU- too good last year, even better this.
2) Chelscum- a lack of flair and karma/ voodoo catching up with them in the form of injuries will be their undoing
3) Mighty Hotspur*- Bent's better than Mido, Kaboul's better than Gardner, and we now have a Ghetto Prince to go with our King.
4) Arse- no players for the whole of february, Van Persie in jail again and too many evening kick offs past their bedtimes for the kiddies to trouble the top two.
5) Liverpoo- ridiculous facial hair resulting in a lack of respect from Rafas usual crop of overpriced rubbish signings. Torres? Pah! Back in Spain by Xmas.
As for Taarabt, he's got bundles of potential but still a bit raw. A last 20 minutes kind of player for unlocking stubborn defences until Jol can trust him. One to watch, especially in the absence of Lennon.

*obviously this will never happen.

dan hancox said...

i predict that spurs will come unstuck in their opening game against sunderland, conceding a late winner to a newcastle old boy.. i just have a hunch about it.

Tan said...

thanks Dan. Do you mind advising me on my share portfolio?

jake_oleary said...
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Tan said...

hmmm how about:

1. Chelsea
2. Man Utd
3. Arsenal
4. Liverpool
5. Newcastle
6. Everton
7. Man City
8. Spurs
9. Blackburn
10. Sunderland
11. Aston Villa
12. Portsmouth
13. Reading
14. West Ham
15. Fulham
16. Birmingham
17. Bolton
18. Middlesboro
19. Derby
20. Wigan

dan hancox said...

after man city's second consecutive win and clean sheet, i am doing my classically pointless and perverse thang and predicting them for the drop. so there.

acheekybastard said...

AFC doesn't have room for surprises this year; same four division winners as last year (Colts, Pats, Chargers, Ravens), wild cards go to the Steelers and - believe it! - the Texans.
Chargers repeat as one seed, this time they take it deep and go to the Super Bowl, over the Pats in the CG. Unimaginative, I know, but barring injuries there's no way it shakes out any different.

NFC's more interesting. Panthers win da Souf, Niners get the West, Bears and Eagles repeat in the North and East, respectively. Wild cards are a tougher call. I feel like it has to be the Giants and Cowboys again - the Saints are going to fall off because their defense is atrocious, the Vikings have the second-worst quarterback situation in the league, the Seahawks' mediocrity is going to catch up to them this year...and everybody else in the NFC sucks.
This kind of landscape probably puts Philly in the Super Bowl, if only because their defense will make David Carr (guaranteed to be starting in Carolina by week seven) revert to his Houston form.

That means Ladainian gets his first ring.

acheekybastard said...

I'm sorry, I was trying to post this in the Grating and Obnoxious American Football section. My bad. And by my bad, I mean

U S A!!

U S A!!

U S A!!

Reginald Ultras said...

errr what?

En Francais s'il vous plait. Football American? Je ne comprende pas.