Thursday, 4 October 2007

Successful on the pitch, successful in politics

From the Guardian:

Iraq Sunni bloc replaces lawmaker with soccer star

BAGHDAD, Oct 4 (Reuters) - Iraq's parliament agreed on Thursday to let the main Sunni Arab bloc replace a lawmaker-turned-insurgent with one of the country's most famous soccer stars.
Deputies voted to let striker Ahmed Radhi, the only Iraqi player to have scored in World Cup finals, replace Abid-Nasir al Janabi, who announced in June he was leaving the political process to take up arms in Iraq's insurgency.

Radhi, 43, netted in Iraq's 2-1 defeat by Belgium while his team were a man down in the 1986 tournament in Mexico.

Soccer players are held in high regard amongst Iraqis after repeated successes despite hardships at home. Iraq won its first continental cup this summer, sparking unprecedented scenes of joy and celebration on Iraq's streets.

Radhi played a large role in campaigning for the Sunni bloc in December 2005 elections but failed to win a seat.

... some politicians use euphemisms for what they plan to do next- spend time with the family, start a philanthropic organisation, cream millions off-of half-arsed ghost-written recollections describing why they were right about everything. Not Abid-Nasir al Janabi. Oh no.

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